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This is a large update to Graphsy. People have asked for graph embeddings and here they are.  This is my first crack at it, so if there is something you especially don’t like please let me know.  Right now the embeddings are iframes pointing to a viewer page.  I hope to get that changed some time in the future, but wanted to roll out the feature ASAP.

To get the embedding code there is a new side panel named “Project Options”.  Using that side panel you can change the project’s background  color, set the description, as well as change the sharing settings. When opening the side panel, you will notice two check boxes, “share” and “copy”.  Sharing makes your graph viewable from other pages, while copy will eventually allow other people to copy your graph into their collection and do with whatever they want.  Currently that option is not available, but will be developed shortly.

To actually generate the code you need to click on the “Embedding Code” button in the same side panel.  That will drop down a box containing several options. Users can specify exactly what can be done with their embeddings.  You can enable others to rearrange the shapes or edges.  You can also enable to embedding to contain a tools side panel as well as a description drop down panel.  By unchecking all of the boxes, you essentially create a static image embedding of you graph. You can also set the width and height of the embedding window.

To demonstrate these embedding I have create two simple projects.  The first is an example of fridge poetry.  In this case I created one element for each word of the poem.  You can drag them around and rearrange the entire thing.

This second example is a graph connected in a star pattern.  In this case everything is enabled.  You can rearrange the nodes as well as the edges.  Create any other shape consisting of five nodes and five edges.

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