Added new shapes

Just posted an update to Graphsy.  Added two new shapes, diamond and pentagon.  While that doesn’t seem like much, the update is really a change in how shape information is stored.  Previously, just to get stuff out there, the two shapes (rectangles and Ellipses) were hard coded into Graphsy, now the information to draw them is stored in the database.  This is what makes working with a scripting language so nice.  The DB essentially stores the code to draw the objects.  That code gets executed and the shape gets drawn.

I’m working on a graphical way to create and edit objects.  I have some basic stuff done, but it’s not nearly ready yet.  Plus there are a few other features I want to get to first, including: arrow heads, layout, zoom, and uploading user pics for shape background images.

There is still a lot to do, but after only a week I feel like everything is still on track.

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