Graphsy Update/Status

Just posted a new update to Graphsy (  This update adds arrowheads to line segments.  Users can add an arrowhead to any line end point.  They can also add arrowheads to all endpoints with a single click.  Just like all other objects in Graphsy, the arrowheads are rendered by ImageMagick on the server as they are requested.  So as lines change direction, the orientation of the arrowheads changes as well.

More information plus a video after the jump.

Currently there are four different arrowheads; a closed triangle, a circle, an open arrow, and a wide open arrow.  More will be added as time goes on.  If you have your own favorite shape that you think I should include, let me know and it will probably go in.

Next features to be implemented are keyboard shortcuts and zooming the drawing pane. The keyboard shortcuts will let you select items from the context menu with a corresponding key instead of a mouse click.  Zooming will enable users to view their entire image or zoom in to edit small details.  After those two, I plan to move on to embedding Graphsy browsers into webpages.

In addition to arrowheads I also fixed a few minor bugs, mostly dealing with how lines are displayed.

As to the status of Graphsy, I am pretty happy with the progress so far.  It has been around for only three weeks and a few major features have already been added.  I have added export capability, new shapes, and arrowheads.  On top of that Graphsy’s front page and tour has gone through a major revision for the better.  And there is lots more to come.  Let me know what you think or what feature you would like to see in the comments below. Also enjoy this short video highlighting these new features.

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