Graphsy August 20th Update

I’ve just put up a new version of Graphsy.  This update was a long time coming.  Unfortunately I got busy with non-Graphsy work so it took a bit longer than I anticipated.  Ohh well.  Enough with excuses, lets move on to details.

First the update adds selection and pan modes.  By default Graphsy is in selection mode.  That means that when you click and drag on an empty space inside the document, a selection rectangle pops up.  Anything inside or intersecting that selection rectangle is added to the selected objects set.  Shift click still works for adding and removing elements from the selection set.  Holding shift and dragging the selection rectangle around will add items to selection and not reset the selection process.

In pan mode the user can move the document by clicking and dragging on empty spaces.  This is another form of scrolling.

Graphsy has also added layering.  Now users can control which objects are drawn on top by, either moving dirctly to the bottom or top most layers, or moving them up and down one layer at a time.

In addition to these features, I have also changed the functionality of moving attached line segments.  A segment now has to be detached from a shape before it can move.  This change is due to feedback I received from several users and I believe makes a lot more sense.  Segments are secondary objects in a graph, they demonstrate a relationship and thus are usually attached to shapes.  Therefore it makes sense to maintain that attachment as much as possible.

Check out the following screencast demonstrating all of these features. And as always don’t hesitate to reply by commenting on this post.

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