Not enjoying making Graphsy IE compatible

Just wanted to post something to let people know what’s happening. I think the features for the 0.1 version are now set. I hit a little snag building the color picker. I thought I could get something already made, but after wasting two days playing around with some I decided that it would be easier to make my own than try to figure out what others thought. I did have one good choice, but the code for it was terrible, most of the variable names were global and clashed with the variables used in the prototype library. Had very strange behavior and had to get rid of it.

Now everything seems to be pretty much there. I’ve started to adjust it to run in Internet Explorer. I use a mac and so I’ve tested my code in Firefox 3.0, Opera, and Safari. I need to make sure that it works in IE, which it doesn’t right now, and Firefox 2.0. I really should have started testing my stuff with IE much earlier, now I’m haven’t lots of trouble tracking down where the differences are, and that’s holding me back.

I should have a lot of free time this week to finish that off and finalize the test suite.  I’m hoping to lunch Monday July 1st.  That would be great. I think tomorrow I’ll try to record a quick five minute demo highlighting the new features. Hope to post it tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

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