Graphsy 0.1 Screencast

UPDATE: Graphsy is now accepting users:

Here is the screencast I promised yesterday.  I’ve demoed the basic graph drawing functionality in a previous post.  That screencast showed how Javascript and Ruby on Rails were used to make graph drawing possible as well as Graphsy’s context sensitive menus.  This screencast demos the file management and object options features.  I show how you can change the color of the nodes and edges as well as the color and font of the text.  This also demonstrates Graphsy’s request features page.

Right now the features of the alpha version 0.1 are in, the only things holding back the launch are more test cases and making Graphsy work in Internet Explorer.  I really should have started playing with Graphsy in IE earlier, but I didn’t and so now I have to track down where the errors are and figure out how to make everything cross browser compatible.  I’ve tested Graphsy in Firefox 3.0, Safari, and Opera 9.5.  It seems to work in all of them well enough to move on.  Nothing really works in IE, so there’s a whole bunch of work that still needs to be done.  I’m still optimistic that Graphsy will launch on Monday June 30th.  If I can get it working on IE in a few days I think everything else will fall into place.

Let me know what you think about this video in the comments, enjoy. (higher quality QuickTime version)

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