Quick Update

Right now everything is pointing to a launch on Monday, June 28th. I’ve finally got a version working in Internet Explorer and Firefox 2.0. Though everything looks best in Firefox 3.0 and Safari, with Opera in a very close second. Just finished the last of the test cases. Each browser is able to pass most of them. The bugs are minor, all relating to offsets by a pixel or two of exactly where objects are placed. Should be acceptable. This weekend I will add onto the front page and fix the sign up page. The plan will be to allow everyone to sign up, but control the rate at which they are allowed into the system. At the very least the first 100 people will get in on Monday with more to follow as things keep being stable.

I am going to also populate the initial feature/bug request list and build a Roadmap page as of launch.   That roadmap will undoubtedly change as people start suggesting new ideas.  I’m getting really excited to see what you guys can come up with when pushing Graphsy forward.

I’m also going to record some more screencasts, this time explaining individual features of Graphsy.  I think I’m going to do a bunch of under 5minutes ones, but may also do a single large one capturing all of the different features at once.  What do you guys think?

That’s it for the update.  Hopefully the signup will go live on Sunday with accounts granted on Monday.  Keep checking back at www.graphsy.com and this blog for more information.

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